I`m not sure if this qualifies as an Angel story but it certainly is very special to me.

My Mom was a ministers' wife, very religious and yet very curious about the afterlife. We'd often joke about what would happen depending who went first. I asked Mom if she passed away first if it was at all possible would she give me a sign that she was alright. I also said if I was the first to go I would try to give her a sign.

Four months ago my dear Mom passed away after a short severe illness. I was devastated and after an evening of feeling so lonely I cried myself to sleep. I had the most wonderful vision or dream? I was standing in a field with flowers and long soft grass, I looked around and something in the distance caught my attention. Peering across the field I could make out two figures standing in front of an old pioneer like snake rail fence. I couldn't tell at the distance who these people were but strained my eyes trying to tell. As if by a telephoto lense on a camera, the picture slowly zoomed closer until I could make out the characters.

There was my Mom and Dad their age seemed to be around thirty. What was so remarkable that it etched itself permantely in my memory was that Mom was smiling radiantly at me and waving as if to say, "See, I'm giving you a sign." Ever since that night there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is the most wonderful afterlife to look forward to.

Everille Davison