In My Dream

My name is Cherry-Rose and I want to tell you all a story about the angel in my dreams.

My husband and four children and I moved to Melbourne twelve months ago. The offer of accommodation from my eldest brother and his wife was greatly appreciated. Sadly after two short weeks while my brother was in Israel, his wife confesses to us that she wasn't happy with us staying with them and that she would like us to leave. I was shattered. My husband began to cry and begged her to let us stay a little while longer just so we could wait until his first pay from his new job. She said no. I began to pack our things into the four suitcases we had. She slipped $100 into my hand and told me to keep in touch.

We walked outside and the day was intensly hot. My children were weeping as they didn't want to walk in the heat. My poor husband asked me what are we going to do? Where are we going to sleep tonight? We knew no-one in Australia at all. We sat down at a bus shelter so the kids could get out of the sun. The first thing I thought was, I had to get money. I looked up and saw a pay phone and instantly thought of ringing home to my mother so she could wire me through some money.

I picked up the phone book and it dropped to the ground. The wind blew the pages and as they flicked over page by page it stopped on the section for housing for the homeless. I blinked a few times as the realisation dawned on me that I was actually homeless. I dialed the number... "Hello, St Kilda Sacred Heart Mission" "Is anyone there?" Tears streamed down my face, I couldn't believe I was about to ask for help from the mission. "I need help, can you help me please?" "Are you in trouble?" the softly spoken women said. "I have four children and a husband, and we have been kicked out of the house we were staying in. I have $100 dollars for the next two weeks and my children are hot, and we have no-where to sleep tonight." "Tell me where you are, and someone will be there in a few minutes to pick you up. You will see a van with Sacred Heart painted on it. You will be safe, I promise."

Sure enough the van arrived and we all slipped in tired, and hot. The driver told us that he was taking us to a motel for the weekend and that on monday he would be back to pick us up to start our paper work for housing. We were taken to a motel and food was given to us for the kids. I was so greatful to him but he wouldn't hear a word of it.

My husband and I put the children down for a nap and we sat and cried together until we fell asleep. I began to dream that I was walking alone, but everytime I looked up to see where I had walked to, the same building kept appearing. I kept walking with my head hung low, but when I raised my eyes, there was this church again. Then a whisper, so real I felt the breath on my cheek. "Find this place, and you'll be safe" I woke to find the children helping themselves to the food that was left for them. I didn't metion the dream to my husband. That night when we went to bed, again the same dream and the same voice in my ear. That dream kept on coming back to me so much that I eventually ended up telling my husband about it.

Monday arrived and the man in the van came to pick us up. The staff were busy so we were taken to the church next door for lunch. I stopped at the door. "Come on honey, you must be starving." My husband pushing me through the doorway. It was as if I were dreaming again. "I've been here before," This is the church in my dreams. "Oh come on, enough of that, lets eat!" my husband shoving passed me shouting orders at me to help him get food for the kids. We sat at a table but still I couldn't eat. Every statue I had already seen, every stained glass window, I had already loved. Just then a voice came from behind me. "Where are you all from?" I turned to see an old man with a soft smooth face. We're from New Zealand, I answered. "I know that, but where?" I told him. "Whats your name?" I told him. "your grandmothers name is Molly, isant it?" My fork hit my plate. Yes I answered. "Who are you?" "My name is Max, do you know that name?" "Yes, thats my grandfathers name." "I was named for your grandfather. I'm your fathers first cousin" He asked me why we were there, and where we were staying. He told me he'd be back. While he was gone I had learned that he was the co-ordinator for the kitchens at the mission and that he was a lovely man. An hour later he was back at our table. "Finish your lunch, then pack the kids up. Your coming to stay with me. I'll help you get back on your feet, I'll show you all the good cheap places to shop for fruit and veges. And when we get home to my place, your to ring your father and tell him you found me and that you'll be safe."

I was shocked, surprised and full of thank you's but he wouldn't hear a word of it. But the most shocking of all was the last three words he said. "You'll be safe" Just like the voice in my dreams.

Since then my angel had visited my dreams four times. And everytime has enlightened me spiritually. I'm blessed, and I'm greatful.