Light in the Night

Hi my name is Claudette I live in South Africa. Funny how you never really believe in Angels until you experience it yourself.

I worked in a Restaurant just outside of Fochville for 3 years. During the 3 years I dealt with a lot of people who try and make you doubt God and Angels and all the miracles happening in the world.

One night I had to work to 03H00 PM in the morning. On my way home, my car broke down just outside of Fochville, no Cellphone, just me and the dark. Adding on that I am terrified of the dark, I got out of my car and started walking to town, well walking in the beginning ended up running as fast as I could. Finally when I got to town, to my surprise, all the streetlights to the nearest Petrol Station was out. My luck, I thought. Well I started running the 2 Kilometres into town. I couldn't believe it as first, but as I ran past the street lights, they came back on one by one. I was thankful for this I started crying. When I got to the Garage and phone my mother to come and fetch me, I walked outside again to wait for her and as I looked back to that stretch of road. All the lights were out again.

That is when I realized that I had someone looking after me. And I believe that each of us has an angel to look after us when things goes wrong. Added on, I left my job at the Restaurant and my belief in God and wanting to go to Church grew much stronger.