Protecting Me

I was a little girl, I remember I was asleep one night and for some reason I just woke up. I don't remember what woke me up, only that when I opened my eyes, I seen an angel standing next to my bed.

The angel was standing straight in posture and held something in it's hand like a sword or staff. I don't remember the angel having a gender either. All I know is that it turned its head and looked down at me with no expression, and then went back to its position, like it was doing its job of protecting me or something.

Of course as a child I knew what it was, but its presence alone frightened me. I know in my heart that I wasn't seeing things, I just wish I hadn't been so frightened by this Angelic host of God.

If only I could have this priviledge again now that I am an adult.

Mitzi K. Oakes Angel