The Box Boy

This is an experience that I had with my guardian angel. It might not be the most exciting or breathtaking experience that you have ever heard, but is an experience that I had all the same. When I had this dream, it was a about a month or so from the beginning of a really difficult part of my life that I am just recovering from now.

In my dream I was outside when I saw a small car and a tall man (he looked in his late 20's) with this amazing red hair down to his shoulders. It wasn't quite so curly as it was wavy. He was loading boxes into a small blue car, and I started to help him. It was unsaid between us that he was my guardian angel, and whenever I thought about this, he looked up at me. I started asking him question after question and he never said a word.

He just kept looking up at me, and continued to put the boxes in the car. After waking from this dream I knew what it meant. He didn't show himself to me so that I could drill him with questions, questions that he couldn't possibly be able to answer; he showed himself to me so that I would know he was there. And now I do know. Although I wish and ask for him to show himself to me again, he will do so when I am ready.