First I want to say sorry for the bad English, I'm Afrikaans. We live in South Africa. Want to share this encounter with you, because it has many similarities to stories I am reading here. My son was in Grade 10 when he was in a big car accident.

The doctors said we must come and greet our son, because they did not know if he would live the following day. I said from the beginning that even if my son comes out in a wheelchair he will survive, because God gave sis-in-law a Psalm to give to me; Psalm 6.

Anyways I was terrified at night to leave the hospital not knowing if he would be alive the next morning. He was in a coma for 3 weeks, lungs punctured, damage to his brain, etc. At night I would pray that the angels would guard around his bed and that nothing happens to him.

After 3 months he came out of the hospital. We were about a week at home and he told me he saw angels. He said that there was a multitude of angels around his bed every day and they sang this specific hymn the whole day. Don't know if there is a English song about it. (Do I talk people's language or angelŐs language, but if it's not out of love, etc.)

He said that the angels were so tall, but their feet did not reach the ground. And they had wings, that were very, very large and when they moved them, it sounded like a big wind. Oh yes and he could not see all of there faces, but one angels face. A little girl came to him, touched his lip (where there was stitches) and said to him that he would survive.

The one angel, that was the biggest (he did see his face), took him to heaven and showed him how it looked there. He said to me, Mom, one can do any kind of work there for Jesus. You can sing in the heavenly choirs, or fight for Jesus against Satan. And yes, he said, you will still fight there, but for Jesus. He also told me that a person does not speak when in heaven, a person communicates with their soul or minds - before the other person say something - one knew what they wanted to say. He said that if you fight for Jesus - a spear grows out of you arm that is part of your body.

Then this angel took him too hell, but they were not long there. He showed him the misery. He said for instance, if your tongue falls off, it keeps growing back, falls off again, etc.

Then he was taken back, and the angel said to him - he must go and ready - I don't know the english word "openbaring" and he will see how few people will survive and that he gets a second chance in life.

Just for interesting sake - my hubby told him a word while being in coma - and afterwards he said to me - Mom, Dad said to me that word while in coma. And he said, (the radio was just above his bed in ICU), that the station that was on the radio was on Jakaranda, and I knew he would not like that station. So while in a coma, he knew or heard stuff that people always doubt about.

Sorry for this long story, but thought it was much like your storys and encounters. Again, sorry for the bad English.

Friendly greetings
Irma Human