Nature's Angels

A couple of years ago I was visiting my friend Claire who broke up with her boyfriend a few weeks earlier. He was quite a nice guy but somehow it didn't work out between them so they decided to remain good friends. It was quite dark in the room when all of a sudden a warm, big and bright light in a long, elliptic form appeared. We looked at eachother with disbelief and at the same time we asked each other, "Did you see that?".

Two days later I passed by her house again and while I was there she got a phone call from her best friend asking her to sit down quietly cause she had some very sad news for her. Tim was killed in an accident riding his motorbike two days past at the exact time we saw that light appear. My friend is convinced of the fact that his last thoughts where with her.

When I was 6 my parents, uncle, aunt, cousins and I went on holiday driving from our homes in Belgium to Gibraltar which took us a couple of days by car. My cousins and I really used to enjoy the trips traveling through France and Spain in the middle of summer.

Somewhere in Spain next to the road we stopped to eat. After having eaten, we were wandering about a bit in the surrounding forrest when all of a sudden we saw a countless number of big and bright yellow butterflies appearing from behind a bush.

As we came closer they flew all around us remaining together which we found quite amusing. The butterflies kept surrounding and following us even when we ran away from them and they did so till we where called by our parents to get in the cars so we could carry on the journey.