Dark and Lost

It was a very beautiful afternoon at my house in Richmond, VA. On days like these my twin sister and I would take a road trip up to Ashland and enjoy the country. We had the windows rolled down and we were laughing and talking.

We were driving for a long period of time, when I realized I did not know where we were. I said "Kelly, where are we?" And she said I'm not sure. I began to worry. I called my mom on my cell phone and told her we were lost. She said something like "I can't help you." That ended the conversation. I thought a minute then told Kelly, "I know what to do." I will pray to God and he will help us find our way home"!. I clasped my hands together and said..."God my sister and I are lost, we have no idea where we are, and it's getting dark and I'm worried."

Just as I said that I heard a voice in my head. The voice was more of a feeling than a voice, told me to lean my head back, and close my eyes. I saw a picture in my mind of a stop sign at the top of an incline in the road. Then said "tell your sister to turn left at the stop sign." When I opened my eyes I saw the stop sign that I had seen in my head. I hesitated for a moment to tell her. (This is because two years before I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I thought it might be one of the voices).

The next thing I knew, the voice forced me to say, "turn left at the stop sign." We took that narrow country road for a long time, until there was a Y inner section in the road. I told her to bare right and keep going. We did that and a few seconds later we came to a sign that said Richmond VA 19 miles, with an arrow pointing left. We finally got home, thanks to my angel, though I could not tell if she was an angel or not, but she definitely helped us.

I told my sister to thank God, because he was the one that got us home, and I told her all of what happened during the time I asked God to help us, till we got home. She passed it off, and didn't believe me. She said "well everyone knows that if you keep turning left, you will end up where you began." I told her, I didn't know that, and we were both guided by an angel." I told everyone about it. It was just totally real and true. I am so grateful for her.

Thank you God!

God Bless you all