God or his Heavenly Messenger, an Angel was There

In the summer of 1977, my friend and I took a nap in my room. I slept in my bed. My friend slept on my brother's bed. The twin beds were adjacent to each other, situated between a night table.

Upon falling into a deep sleep, I was awakened by a continuous eerie, wicked laugh. The wicked laughter was followed by a cloud of smoke which surrounded me. I did not feel heat, nor see or feel fire. It was a low, very sinister kind of laugh, the kind you hear in horror movies.

I attempted to get up quickly, only to discover that I was completely paralyzed. I could not even move a finger. I tried to scream, but could not utter a sound. I could still see my friend through the cloud of smoke sleeping on my brother's bed just a couple of feet away from me peripherally, yet I could not awaken him to interrupt this horrific episode I was experiencing.

I wanted to scream desperately, so my friend could hear me and come to my aid. I wanted to touch him; move him; shake him; awaken him, so he could awaken me.

It was dreadful. I was afraid I would die in this unfortunate state. I wondered who would know what would have happened to me? How would my death would be explained? Death by natural causes? A heart attack?

I began to panic, but there was nothing I could do to escape. I was helpless to break free from the grasp of evil which invaded my life.

The only thing I could do was pray. I began to pray "The Our Father". I uttered the words, "Our Father, who Art in heaven hallowed be Thy name". After uttering these first words, paralysis ended instantly. The cloud was gone, and the laughter ceased. I jumped out of bed perspiring. I looked across from me to find my friend still sleeping soundly. I stood there trying to make sense of what happened. I could not sleep for several days. I could only attempt sleep after praying before bed.

To this day, I still don't understand how this happened. Clearly, supernatural things are beyond the comprehension of man. Nonetheless, I suspect that Satan was present, imprisoned me in an attempt to scare me to death in an effort to take my soul. "Did God allow it in order to test my faith through the power of prayer?" I don't know, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. The outcome of such experiences can not be explained. It is inexplicable.

This nightmare happened again ten years ago. I did not pray before bed. While I was lying awake next to my wife who was sleeping, I began to fall asleep.

As I feel asleep, I felt something beside me. It was as if it were waiting for me to fall asleep. I remember not feeling warmth beside me, so I felt whatever it was, it must be evil because I experienced fear and anxiety, not calmness and peace. It strange, but it felt as though it was getting into my mind, where I would perceive the events in a dream or nightmare.

Like the first time, I was completely paralyzed. I could not awaken my wife. Once again, the power of prayer guided me to freedom.

The last occurrence happened in the same room about five years ago. While my wife slept. I saw the window shatter completely into many pieces followed by a strange light emanating from a black background began to lift me from the bed toward the window.

I began to pray, and the power of prayer freed me from evil. The power of prayer is real. Prayer is one of the seven sacred sacraments, a weapon against evil. Pray the Rosary daily, especially before bed. God will send his heavenly messengers of peace, the Angels to guard you and your family against evil.

We all tend to forget God, and stop praying for a time until situations inspire us to pray. Don't let it get to this point, pray often. Ask God through Christ to strengthen you because the temptations in this world are stronger than us by ourselves. It is only through prayer that the Lord empowers us, giving us the strength to resist and remain steadfastly in the path that leads to his grace.

Angel M. Serrano