Never Alone ...a dream

By O'Connor

Every once in a while I receive what I call an "awake dream". They are ones that I feel are sent from God to comfort or enlighten me in some way. They are very special to me and are not like a usual dream but more like a conscious experience.

This was the case about a year ago when I was going through a particularly lonely period in my life.

I had split up with my significant other and was living by myself.I remember laying in bed one night feeling extremely lonely. I am not usually prone to depression but this night everything had just come crashing down on me and I felt helpless under its weight. I called out to God, asking why I felt so empty and alone.

It seemed that everyone I knew had someone to care for them except me. I cried and cried until I eventually drifted off to sleep. Suddenly, I saw myself in a full length mirror.

God was saying to me that he would show me how I really looked. I looked back at my reflection. This time a being that I knew to be my guardian angel was standing behind me.It was at least one full foot taller than me (and I am 5'10"!) in a loose white robe with dark hair to its shoulders and the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen.It's arms encircled me from behind, its hands over my heart. Then he spoke to me saying

"You see, you are never really alone, I am always with you."

I felt so protected and loved and I knew this was truly real. The thing I remember the most is the feeling of total unconditional love that emanated from this being. I am so grateful for this experience and the memory of it has lifted me up many times since then.