Bright Lady

I was a shy 5 year old in the summer of 1977. I went along with my mom, grandma and great aunt to a nearby Kmart. (Back then I could hang out in the toy aisles while mom would look at clothes for me because they were directly across from each other....and stranger danger wasn't as bad as it is today.) As I hung out in the aisles, I started to get bored and wandered off and ended up by the pets. After looking over every fish, bird and hamster, I went back to where I thought my mom, grandma and great aunt were, but I couldn't find them. I thought maybe they "forgot" about me and I went to the front of the store and out the door to the parking lot.

I figured I would wait by our car so they would "find" me. I went out into the parking lot where I thought our car was, but there was nothing but an empty parking space. (Of course, we were actually parked in the next aisle.) Scared and upset because I'm thinking they forgot me or went home without me, I figured I would walk home. (The store was on the corner of Route 20 and Highway 421 in Michigan City, Indiana. Lots of traffic!!) We lived about 20 minutes away by car. As I walked down one of the side entrances into Kmart heading towards 421, I remember hearing someone but not seeing anyone.

There was a sweet smell of flowers and I heard a very comforting and friendly voice tell me to stop when I get to the big road ahead. Trying to look for the flowers I smelled, I finally reached 421. I saw a very "bright lady" who told me not to be frightened and that she would help me get home. She told me to get into the first car that stops and to be a "big girl" and don't be scared. As soon as she said that, a blue car pulled up to the side of the road and a lady opened the passenger side door. She asked what I was doing there and said I could get hurt by the cars on the road. I told her I couldn't find my mommy and she said to get in and she'll find my mommy for me. As I remembered what the "bright lady" told me, I got in and smelled that smell again. I looked in the back seat and

there was nothing but buckets and buckets of different flowers. She asked if I liked flowers and I told her yes, so she let me take some to give to my mom. She said we were going to her house to drop off the flowers and she would have a policeman come over to find my mommy. As we were driving, I stared out the window and after a while I noticed I knew where we were.

My grandpa & grandma lived on this road! She talked to me but I didn't hear anything she said because I was waiting for the blue house to come up and then woods, then my grandpa's big house would be next. As we were passing the woods, I told her that the big white house coming up was my grandpa’s...and it was. She turned into the drive and pulled up next to the house. I got out and ran up to the door and my grandpa opened the door stretching the cord on the phone and dropping it as soon as he saw us. He hugged me as he cried and thanked the lady that brought me and grabbed the phone off the floor.

He was talking to my grandma and told her I was there and everything was all right and to hurry home. I sat on grandpa's lap while he held me tight as the lady told him where she had found me. My mom, grandma and great aunt came home, hugged me and the lady and talked to her some more. As they asked me questions, I told them everything that I had just told you, and they said that the "bright lady who smelled of flowers" was my guardian angel sent from God to protect me. We also found out that the lady who picked me up lived down the road from my grandparents and owned a flower shop.


Thank you for letting me share my story with you...


Angela (Angie) There are still moments that occur in my life that cause feelings of hurt, betrayal, etc., but I always think back to that awesome moment when God laid his hand upon my head!