Firstly, before I start, I would like to ask how you and your team are and to say that God's blessings are with you yet I know not where you are.

21 years ago, I had a serious bicycle accident and was rendered unconscious due to the severity of the accident. I broke by jaw in three places and gave myself 1st degree concussion. I was 19 years of age. I was rushed to hospital and was put straight onto a life support machine. It was during this, I had an out of body experience. Like most people who experience this, I saw a very bright and warm light, but the thing was, a voice seemed to be calling me from within this light. I could see my own body below me and the doctors rushing around.

I went towards the light, which turned into a forest glade and a path leading from it, which resembled a cathedral aisle, but was lined with tall trees like an arch. As I went down this path, following the sound of the voice, I realised that my feet were off the ground, I was floating. When I reached the end of this path a bright golden light surrounded me and I came to a fork in the path. One way lead to mountains and darkness and the other lead towards bright sunshine. On the dark path stood a person who was dressed in black and had burning red eye. I assumed this person was you know who, the dark one. He was trying to tempt me to go with him. On the other path stood a person, dressed all in brilliant white, and had the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He held a golden staff in his right hand. I automatically assumed this person to be God himself and I can remember saying to myself, who am I for God himself to call me as his was the voice I heard.

Of course, I chose to go towards him. My feet were still off the ground and I was still bathed in golden light. As I approached him he held out his left hand to me and I could see he was wearing the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, it had a diamond as bright as the sun. It nearly blinded me, but my eyes became accustomed to it.

Behind him stood 2 of my relatives and behind them stood angels. Of the 2 relatives, one was a past grandmother and the other was a past grandfather. She was dressed in a white gown with a green mantle and he was dressed in a bright suit of armour. All three of them put their left hands on my head and spoke kindly to me. They all new who I was.

After this the main person I knelt in front of, said these words and I still remember every word, he said "It is not your time yet, Andrew, go back to earth and your life and fulfill the task I have set for you". I had never felt so warm and tranquil like this in my life before. The tears of relief of all my emotions just rolled down my face. I turned to return the way I came, still bathed in a bright golden light, I came back to the fork in the road and noticed that the other person (the dark one) was so enraged that I chose the way I did, that he tried to stop me leaving, so with all my strength I turned and faced him and shouted at the top of my voice that he could never have me or my soul, my soul belongs now and forever, to God and god alone. I put up my arm in a cross formation and a brilliant electric blue light came out of my hands like a laser and knocked that dark person off of his feet and into a deep crevasse. After this, My energy was very low, so and angel picked me up and carried me back to my body and the last thing the angel said was Quote "Be not afraid, Andrew, We will always be with you".

It was then I woke up in my hospital bed. This was approximately 36 hours later after my accident. I had my accident on Sunday 19th June 1984 at about 7:00 pm. I can still remember the date and time it happened. Ever since that day, I have had regular contact with angels for a various number of reasons and have also discovered that I have been granted healing hands and that gift of spiritual healing. I can feel when a person is suffering. I can even make contact with the other side.

Well, Terrie, there it is, the whole story and I can tell you that since that day my life has changed for the better. It has awoken abilities that I never thought I'd have.

All I will say now is, I hope that your readers can draw some inspiration from and if ever anyone (those who believe my story) need help at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me. I know that I am taking a huge risk with this, as I am unsure what it may lead to, but I will face it head on, with respect and dignity. I know that there are those out there that will want to try and exploit me, but as god is my witness, I will try and whether is.

God bless you all who read this.