Golden Robed Angels

While I was asleep I had a weird vision. I was in my living room staring out the window in the middle of daytime. All of a sudden a cloud appeared out of nowhere close to my house and tons of golden robed angels started flying out from it and each time one appeared there was a flash of golden light. I remember thinking "Please take me". Suddenly one of the angels came down and picked me up. The weird thing was is that it had no eyes but dark holes in their places.

I don't know if this was a good thing or a bad thing. But then suddenly, like teleporting, I was standing on a sort of highway with the yellow dotted line down it on a sort of crest of a hill. On either side of the road there was lots of grass and trees. At the bottom of the hill, where the ground leveled out, the land suddenly stopped and there was simply a huge ocean and the sky. There seemed nothing to tell me but I suddenly realized that the ocean was drying up and that the sky was being taken away. That was the end of this dream.

Another dream I had I was on the deck outside with my dad and his friend when the clouds rapidly rolled up and went north. My dad and his friend didn't seem to take notice of it but I knew that the sky was being rolled up like a carpet as it says in the Bible. I ran to my room and peered through the window and suddenly a cloud shped like a lion's face looked out and seemed to be talking. The blue sky turned black suddenly and the stars were out. The stars fromed a connect the dot shape of a lion, and two other animals. The lion seemed to be talking but I could not hear anything. Then the lion disappeared and the stars too. Then lightening flashed all over and that was the end of my dream.