Plunge Into Concrete

My name is Alyssa R. I thought I would share a very special experience I had with you. Not only was this a miracle, but it is exciting and dangerous too!!

I've been a Christian since I was 9. At age 15, year 2001, my church youth group went to Schlitterbahn Water Park. Some boys were running down a hill, jumping over a 4 foot wall and 6 cement steps that led to the waters' edge, and going feet first into the Guadelupe River in New Bransfels, Texas. Being a 16-year-old show-off, I thought I would be brave and be the first girl to try the daring jump. I had years of gymnastics and cheerleading, and I knew I could make the jump without a doubt. So with tremendous speed I went running, gaining momentum each second until I reached the wall...and tripped on an unseen rock right before the wall.

This mistake sent me falling head first, straight for the steps! In less than a heartbeat I knew I was about to take a high plunge into concrete, and I knew there was no one nearby to catch my fall. People up on the hill were screaming. I remember wanting to scream, but I was so scared I couldn't pop out a sound. Then I thought, "Jesus, please! Save me." And as I closed my eyes, about a foot from the third concrete step I felt an upward push from my feet. Someone was had grabbed my feet and was pushing with a huge force. I felt soft, warm hands. I opened my eyes to see myself gliding over the steps and into the water. I came up out of the water right where I went in, and when I turned around...amazed I saw that I had cleared the steps by about 5 feet. No one was near. I looked up to see about 20 people running towards me. They all began talking and yelling at once. The comments, "How did that happen?" "Alyssa, you nearly died...and then you flew!!!" "Like a bird! But how?" "You were doomed!" "You're alive!" "That was amazing!" "Do it again!!!"

I knew then that my call to Jesus had not been rejected. I am sure it must have been an angel, sent by the Son of God. I know now that Jesus has always been there to catch me when I fall, and He always will. ThatŐs because I am a child of God.