Memorable and Touching!

Hello, my name is Violeta and I have had a few powerful spiritual dreams these past 2 years. 2 years ago I was very confused and not very close to God, until I met my wonderful boyfriend Adam. He opened my eyes to the Lord and all the beauty of faith. Since being close to God and keeping him with me everyday I have been a happier and more spiritually fulfilled person, and that is when I started to have spititual dreams. My last dream was the most memorable and touching!

It started with a friend and myself standing out in my front lawn conversing, then i noticed the clouds in the sky moving and a brilliant light coming from behind them. I looked up and noticed a blinding white light descending from the clouds. As I stared awestruck upwards I noticed a bottom of a robe and then the full robed body of this beautiful being, but I was not able to see the face, it was covered by the clouds. I then turned to my friend and screamed with delight, "It's HIM!!!!! He's come for us!!!!!" My friend just stared at me, then upwards, then at me again and asked "WHO???? What are you talking about??!?!?!" I yelled "Our creator!!!! Can't you see HIM???" then I started crying with happiness and I started laughing uncontrollably. My friend still confused said to me "I don't see anything!!!!" then it struck me that only I could see him.

I just looked upward at his descension, crying with happiness and I felt this utter love, a love I have never experienced! The feeling was so powerful I almost couldn't handle it! All I could think about was running to HIM when he came down and embracing HIM. The last words I said before I woke up were "Our Father has come!!!" Then I woke up and for about a minute I still felt that overwhelming sensation of utter love, then it slowly vanished. I recall that dream often and it is a source of great confort for me!

Thank you for taking the time to share my experience with you.