Kelcey Marie

My angel dream came at a time when I was very stressed out. My husband and I had tried for over a year to get pregnant with our second child.

It was a frustrating experience and just when we had decided that maybe we were only meant to have one child and that we were very thankful she was healthy, we found out I was pregnant. I was pretty excited though a little surprised....I had gotten my mind set to tell the doctor to just tie my tubes and we were happy with that. That night when I told my husband he wasn't as excited as I thought he should be and it upset me. I was very emotional and cried myself to sleep. Right before I fell off to sleep I was looking out of the window by my head and I was praying that things would be ok.

When I got to sleep I started dreaming about the situation and in my dream I was looking out of that same window. The angels were "escorting" someone down with them. Two of the angels were at this person's arms and two were at the feet. As they got closer to my window I knew it was my grandmother.

My grandmother had always been a comfort to me in my troubled childhood and I immediately started crying. I started telling her how much I had missed her and then it came to me that I should not be so selfish, she had spent her whole life trying to live so that she would be able to go to heaven and spend eternity with God.

I quickly changed my thoughts and started telling her that I was happy that she was with God and that she was not having to suffer anymore but that I couldn't help but miss her. I told her that she would always be in my heart and that I would always lover her. All this time she had not communicated anything to me.

When I finished telling her how much I loved her she reached out and touched my hand and said "don't worry, everything will be alright". After that was said the angels took her back up out of sight and back to heaven. I was immmediately filled with a sense of peace and never worried about my pregnancy again.

Today I have a very loving, beautiful, healthy daughter,
Kelcey Marie.