Angel Saved My Life

Dear Friends;
I've had a risk filled, dangerous life spent in occupations working around explosives, radioactive sources, heavy steel, big machinery, integrated circuit production with super-toxic gasses, and the like. Though industrial safety is a must in order to avoid severe injury or sudden death, my guardian angel has been a constant companion and has saved me a number of times from imminent extinction.

She is a very smart woman, and has been appearing in my dreams since the late seventies. Despite the plethora of blonde jokes that circulate through the various media every now and then, she too is a blonde. I wanted to add that since blondes receive humor that they may partially enjoy, but still stings them.

I arrived home from work after an eleven hour day in a steel yard, in 1988. It was cool that evening, so I turned on the little gas heater in my miniature house rental.

This heater has a pilot light that blows out with exhaust gas air circulation up and out through the ceiling pipe vent. I was so tired, I went to bed without checking to make sure the burners had lit correctly.

I was out cold, exhausted, for about an hour, when this voice yells out at me, "JOHN!" "WHAT!" I blasted back, grumpy from being suddenly awakended. Then I smelled it. The house was full of natural gas. I stood up groggily, attempting to recover my wits, and remembered not to touch any of the wall switches that light the incandescent overhead lights. Flipping a wall switch to the on position causes minute electrical arcing between the switch contacts, and would have blown up the house with my cantankerous self inside.

I opened all of the windows and doors, being careful with my movements. Luckily, I have no carpeting, so static charge discharge was not a problem.

Letting the place ventilate adequately, I then turned on the bedroom light and sat back down. Then it occurred to me. The voice had not come from outside the house, since I saw no one there when I opened the front door.

The voice had come from inside the house, one foot from the side of my bed, about three to four feet vertically up from the floor, in the middle of the air, situated in such a precise location that it would emenate directly into my left ear.

The voice also had a feminine ring to it. "Heh," I chuckled to myself, it had to have been my guardian angel. She often whispers safety advice in my ear when I'm working on a dangerous job. She doens't have wings, nor does she wear a halo, I think both of them would snag on rotating machinery.