Three Visitors

I once had a dream at a time in my life when I was trying to discover the "good" way to live and relate to other people, according to God's will. I was not really acquainted with the Bible, but I had a very deep yearning to abide by it. Since I could not seem to grasp the reading (I will surely fail if I am ever presented with a parable's meaning for entrance into heaven) and it did not occur to me to simply pray for clarity, I was becoming most distressed. I believe the Lord sensed this and sent me three visitors in my dream.

I was in what appeared to be a mall (the symbolism was just eerie considering my dislike for large gathering places and my desire to relate to people despite my discomfort socializing with them) and encountered three males dressed all in white from top hat (yes, top hat) to toe. Their names were: Mr. Acropolis (the primary), Girard (the secondary), and Edward. Let me just note here that I rarely remember anything from my dreams, let alone actual names, and I have never been acquainted with anyone named Mr. Acropolis or Girard. The only exception to Girard is Gil Gerard, the actor who played Buck Rogers in some space series that never really appealed to me. The name Edward is a first and second name for practically all the males in the history of my family.

In terms of relating to other people, the only message these angels had for me was simply to "be kind." Needing a little more instruction than this, I recall spending the rest of my dream running around after them, asking "How? Exactly what should I do to be kind?" Obviously, one should be kind in every thought, word, or deed, but what I have since realized is that one should be kind in a humble, quiet kind of way. It is not necessary to make oneself known through acts of kindness and generosity, for the one being who knows what you're doing is the only one who needs to know. The recipient is grateful for the gift regardless of the name or status of the giver; likewise, it is the giver who is grateful for the ability to give and serve regardless of a pat on the back or an honorable mention for a job well done. This is what I have learned kindness to be.

Whenever I sense the presence of angels now, I instantly sense the three males from this dream although, lately, I have sensed the presence of just one angel that always seems bigger than the others (bigger as in greater or higher, somehow). I have heard that once people become more aware/spiritual, they open their environment to more angels. I certainly hope this is the case; sometimes I truly feel I need all the help I can get! God bless you all!