My Little Angel

You came into this world like a blink of an eye
I was in so much pain,thought I would die
I pushed you out although it was hard
I watched you take your first breath
And watched as you got too close to death
I didn't get to hold you
As you laid there so so new
You were so small
You looked just like a doll
As they rolled you away
I couldn't wait to hold you the very next day

When I went to see you in another room
You were in a box that looked like a tomb
You laid there so still not making a sound
You looked like an angel heaven bound
You were sent to me from God
To touch me and love me
Even though now it's hard to see
Through all the tears and pain
My heart wanted to melt like the falling rain

As I watched you slowly slip away
All I could do was pray, you could stay
I knew you couldn't as I cried
A part of me with you died
The day I had to say Good-Bye
I laid there and just sighed
For my heart ached for My Little Angel
To comfort me and love me
To this day I still can't see
Why my angel isn't here with me
But until I die you will always be
My Little Angel
To comfort me and guide me
Until you and I can be
Forever together again
You and me that's how it should be
For you, in my heart will never know
Just how this pains me so
To live alone with the thought of you
I don't show the pain I feel
But it is always so real
The sorrow I feel without you
But I'm the one who'll know
Just how much I still love you so
You will always be in my heart so strong
Even though it might be wrong
You'll always be My Little Angel

Jodi Johnson